Northern Outpost

The Northern outpost was created recently along the Old King’s Road north of the city of Falldaren.

Population: 57

The camp has three wooden buildings and a few pitched tents. A single cistern collects the water that the locals need and a small fenced in area is used to store animals and for training.

Non combatants: 34 (3 elders and 3 children)

Combatants: 23

4 House Herrod Regulars

4 Brutal claw pack

5 Dunn’s pride

7 Rick’s Regiment

Some residents:



Rufus and Terra

Outpost Recruits


There are currently 20 of them. 20 are armed with light shield and spear 4 have slings One has plate armor, a heavy shield and a spear.

Their former occupations were farming (11), shephards (4), cobbler (1), miners(4).

In addition: Goblin sharpshooter

They all look up to one of their number named Rick, who seems to be an unscrupulous farmer who is also upset at the church of Pelor.


Food for 91 days

10 shovels 10 picks 11 light shields 10 spears 6 slings 8 Leather armor 3 Plate armor 3 Heavy shields

Northern Outpost

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