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  • Outpost Recruits

    The recruits have little food and no training. There are currently 23 of them. 20 are armed with light shield and spear 4 have slings One has plate armor, a heavy shield and a spear. Their former occupations were farming (19), shephards (4), …

  • Rick

    Heroic He is a bit of a bastard but the commoners of the outpost respect him. He is ruthless but he is charismatic. He used to be a farmer, he was drafted to fight by the Church of Pelor. He has been armed with a heavy shield, plate armor, and …

  • Pavel Ironstride

    Used to be a farmer before getting drafted by the Church of Pelor. He is now a hero. He weilds a vicious battle axe +1 and chainmail +1. He has tendencies to eat raw flesh.

  • Sargeant Dunn

    "Oh hells," Dunn thought, "late guard duty again." Dunn knew there were things-that-go-bump out there and they could tear him apart. It was dark, cold, and windy night as he pulled his 'cloak' (an old blanket he wore on night like this) closer to his …