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  • Factions

    [[Order of the Golden Sphinx]] [[Order of the Pearl Unicorn]] [[The Spiked Manticore Mercenaries]] [[Church of Pelor]] [[The Resistance]]

  • The Spiked Manticore Mercenaries

    These mercenaries are unscrupulous soldiers of fortune. They maintain their own holdings. They are hard to join, but they subcontract a lot of extra work. [[:43467 | Kray Dragonmaw]] is their leader in Falldaren.

  • Church of Pelor

    The church rules the area and most other cities as well. Many say that they have gotten too carried away with purging evil and that they have become it themselves. [[:44453 | Erith]] is the Falldaren head priest.

  • The Resistance

    A variety of people have formed together that are fed up with the Church of Pelor. They are working to take down the church and put someone else in power.