Points of Light

Setting out for the border

The group headed out to fulfill their contract. They are to be paid 1800 gold plus bonuses for training a group of new recruits located at an outpost up the road to the north. On the way they fight some goblins, and the Bugbear that had just recently joined the group, causes a scuffle and finally runs off. Gnoryc confronts the group that simply wished to kill the goblins.

Finally, the group arrives at the outpost and takes control.

They take a scouting party to the north and find a village with only undead living within its limits. They fight and slowly fall back.


The characters arrived at Falldaren. The Doppleganger and Gnoryc the gnoll tried to deceive the law. They killed two guards. Gnoryc got away and met up with some goblins of the Fallmount tribe. Sammy, the Doppleganger was arrested after murdering a nurse and thrown into the dungeon after trying to deceive the interrogator. Gnoryc slipped in the city and met up with Wicked Claw. Wicked claw ran into an entrance operated by the theive’s guild. The warlord secured some mercenary work for the group.


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