Sargeant Dunn

ever watchful and youthful human


He was always on watch as a volunteer. Wicked Claw put him in charge of a group of 5 men.

Dunn Dovak, Human Hero, plate armor, heavy shield, spear

  • Anthony, Human, light shield and spear
  • Efrum, Human, light shield and spear
  • Kristoff, Human, light shield and spear
  • Louis, Human, light shield and spear
  • Westler, Huamn, light shield and spear

“Oh hells,” Dunn thought, “late guard duty again.”

Dunn knew there were things-that-go-bump out there and they could tear him apart. It was dark, cold, and windy night as he pulled his ‘cloak’ (an old blanket he wore on night like this) closer to his plate armor. He grimaced when he though about how the druid had cleaned the dead flesh out of the cracks and crevices with his fire magic. He tried scrubbing the armor, but to no avail, the Blackened Iron was there to stay. The druid had told him and his ‘squad’ to walk the perimeter tonight; that had gotten a few laughs from the other lads as Dunn and his men stepped out into the night. What had the lads called Dunn’s sorry troop, ‘Dunn’s Pride’, well, “Hell”, he thought that’s as good a name as any. Dunn went over their names once more; Anthony, Efrum, Kristoff, Louis, and Westler. They were all scared and inexperienced, why had the druid ordered them on late night patrol.

Efrum let our a gasp upon seeing a sleek panther sitting directly in the path. The beast gave a low growl and motioned, with his head, to follow. It seemed like forever, well, maybe 30 minutes, but Dunn was tired; that plate was heavy. With a twist of flesh, the druid took on his ‘human’ skin and spoke, “You will all die one day.” There was a pause before he repeated himself once more, “You WILL all die one day.” The druid let that sink in and he spoke again, “Will you cower in terror and be ripped to shreds while you beg for mercy from a mindless abomination? Or, will you stand tall and fight for every breath, every beat of your heart, every drop of blood and sweat?!” The men looked at each other and then looked at Dunn; he looked the ‘man’ in the eyes and spoke, “I can not speak for these men, only they can decide that. But I WILL fight and I WILL survive. What do you say boys?” Kristoff was the first to speak, “I’m in.” The rest soon followed suit.

Again the druid spoke, “You are now warriors, but warriors need stamina and stamina you lack. Follow me.” With a leap and a swirl of flesh the graceful panther was off and leading them through the dying forrest. When Dunn and his pride finally staggered into camp the next morning, the sun was just coming up, the druid was waiting for them in his ‘man’ skin, “I will see you all tonight,” was all he said as he walked off.

“Oh hells,” Dunn thought, “late guard duty again!”

Sargeant Dunn

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