Rageblood Barbarian


Spotted coat, 6’10” tall about 200 lbs. wears blackend hide armor, wields a greatsword, or a longbow. Is always seen with his “pack” consisting of a human, a dwarf, a goblin, and two halflings.

str-19 Dex-16 Con-18 Int-8 Wis-10 Chr-10

AC 23 Fort:21 Ref:19 Will:15

hp 75 bloodied 37 surges 12 surge value 18

melee basic +13 vs. AC 1d10+7dmg

ranged basic +10 vs. AC 1d10dmg

Weapons: greatsword+2, or longbow

Armor: Deathcut Hide+2

Neck Item: Cloak of the walking wounded+1

Feet: Acrobat boots

FEATS (5): fast runner, weapon focus heavy blades, weapon expertise heavy blades, improved rageblood vigor, warrior of the wild (nature)


one day the gods said let there be awesome!, and Gnoryc appeared.

(j/k) i’ll put something down


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