Points of Light

Session 9

The Wilderness

In the days of the early spring, the renegades of the Northern Outpost laid low but days before the need to move on set upon them. Nearby options were weighed, and with the council of Larganthis Taul and Kyerax, it was decided to head to the far off ruins of the once-great city of Avanthor.

The group ran in to a small party of medusa, quite out of their place on the border of the vast desert. They did manage to nearly put an to Kyerax and the new shifter in the group, by locking them frozen in stone, but fortunately enough residuum was produced to restore the victims from their stony retirements. The creatures carried with them immense riches, but no indications of their purpose in the area was found. Conjecture: Creatures such as these would prove an immensely useful, if unwieldy, tool to a civilized area in need of putting its dead to rest.

Though the trek through the Northeastern desert was harsh, perseverance has begun to pay off, for after a few days travel the party was ably to bask in a pool of cool elemental water, flowing from atop the solitary desert mountain, crowned with the great ruin of Avanthor.



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