Points of Light

Session 8

The Cold Quiet

Families of the troops and farmers come to the outpost to stay.

Skylock starts to spend much time at the Herrod Estate.

The winter is the harshest in many years.

The goliath’s come down from the mountains.

During the harsh winter, Wicked Claw leads a raid on Falldaren to get food and supplies. As the thaw comes, Ribble arrives to inform Wicked claw that he is going to fight the Hantumah Empire of undead after Wicked claw gave him a large guilt trip.

After he left, the next day, an army from Falldaren arrived to arrest the thieves that raided the town.

Wicked claw and the other raiders escaped and left the Northern Outpost to the church of Pelor and Erith.

Now the players are on hte run in the wilderness.



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