Points of Light

Session 7

Dark Ritual

The group, with a few new arrivals plots their course and begins their journey to the nearby ritual circle. With the support of the Brutal Claw pack and the Order of the Golden sphinx, they headed out of the outpost and immediately into the siege line of the Hantumah empire. After a long trek and fights through several patrols, the group finally arrived at the circle. The area was surrounded by a magic shroud of darkness. As they tried to divert the enemy guarding the outskirts, they ended up getting drawn in head long. The formation of Wights was killed and the whole group headed swiftly to the cliff where the ritual was taking place. They battled their way through the undead, including the vampire emissary, who commanded the ritual. It was determined that the ritual was to create a Siege Golem. The warforged reached into the flames and pulled out the skull of the golem. While on fire, he dropped off the cliff and then, while being assaulted by zombies, threw the skull into the water. It exploded and he was thrown far into the air. The shroud of darkness in the sky shriveled away and the vampire was burned alive. They returned to the outpost after casting a magic circle against undead around the ritual circle. The undead armies had vanished, presumably they headed back to the empire.



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