Points of Light

Session 3

All alone (goblin town!)

After the other adventurers head back to Falldaren, Gnoryc gives the recruits a day off. Dimmu Earthcraft is recruited into the Brutal Claw Pack. The pack heads south into the woods to seek the goblin tribes. He meets the goblins and they ask for his help to kill a pesky bugbear named Gib, who bullies them around. Spirits of the hunt filled Gnoryc’s armor with mystical power after killing Gib. He has made a peaceful arrangement with the Fallmount goblins of the forest.

On the way back to the outpost, a group of gnolls from the Yhenoghu’s will pack came to hunt down Gnoryc, two were slain and the other was released. Gnoryc’s action to spare the last gnoll held back some external force that was watching.



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