Points of Light

Session 12
Tiefling survivors

After a long trek deep into the caves, the group finally meets the leader of the tieflings, Kythos. After several days of preparation and negotiations. The players and the tiefling survivors prepare an attack on the devils to rid the city of them.

Session 11
Attentions divided

The Devils sent an envoy for Triellana, the leader of the devils. They wished to make a deal with the heroes. The deal fell through and they left. Suddenly, as the heroes were resting at the shrine, they were attacked by a group of vampires. Shortly after the attack, the devil arrived again to try to sway the heroes to make a deal with them. He left and gave them an hour to decide. After several attacks, the heroes survived to live another day. Gnoryc stayed behind, but the rest decided to head out in the middle of the night in search of the tiefling survivors. They had a hard journey but made it to the caves. They found a small cave to lick their wounds in.

Session 10

The players began exploring the ancient city and have now seen the first two levels of it.

They have made at least neutral relations with the Broken Tooth Tribe of kobolds, the tiefling survivors, and the cult of Tiamat. They have hunted some kobolds for food, but they have not been caught yet. They have taken up residence on the second level in the Shrine of Zepherus library.

Session 9
The Wilderness

In the days of the early spring, the renegades of the Northern Outpost laid low but days before the need to move on set upon them. Nearby options were weighed, and with the council of Larganthis Taul and Kyerax, it was decided to head to the far off ruins of the once-great city of Avanthor.

The group ran in to a small party of medusa, quite out of their place on the border of the vast desert. They did manage to nearly put an to Kyerax and the new shifter in the group, by locking them frozen in stone, but fortunately enough residuum was produced to restore the victims from their stony retirements. The creatures carried with them immense riches, but no indications of their purpose in the area was found. Conjecture: Creatures such as these would prove an immensely useful, if unwieldy, tool to a civilized area in need of putting its dead to rest.

Though the trek through the Northeastern desert was harsh, perseverance has begun to pay off, for after a few days travel the party was ably to bask in a pool of cool elemental water, flowing from atop the solitary desert mountain, crowned with the great ruin of Avanthor.

Session 8
The Cold Quiet

Families of the troops and farmers come to the outpost to stay.

Skylock starts to spend much time at the Herrod Estate.

The winter is the harshest in many years.

The goliath’s come down from the mountains.

During the harsh winter, Wicked Claw leads a raid on Falldaren to get food and supplies. As the thaw comes, Ribble arrives to inform Wicked claw that he is going to fight the Hantumah Empire of undead after Wicked claw gave him a large guilt trip.

After he left, the next day, an army from Falldaren arrived to arrest the thieves that raided the town.

Wicked claw and the other raiders escaped and left the Northern Outpost to the church of Pelor and Erith.

Now the players are on hte run in the wilderness.

Session 7
Dark Ritual

The group, with a few new arrivals plots their course and begins their journey to the nearby ritual circle. With the support of the Brutal Claw pack and the Order of the Golden sphinx, they headed out of the outpost and immediately into the siege line of the Hantumah empire. After a long trek and fights through several patrols, the group finally arrived at the circle. The area was surrounded by a magic shroud of darkness. As they tried to divert the enemy guarding the outskirts, they ended up getting drawn in head long. The formation of Wights was killed and the whole group headed swiftly to the cliff where the ritual was taking place. They battled their way through the undead, including the vampire emissary, who commanded the ritual. It was determined that the ritual was to create a Siege Golem. The warforged reached into the flames and pulled out the skull of the golem. While on fire, he dropped off the cliff and then, while being assaulted by zombies, threw the skull into the water. It exploded and he was thrown far into the air. The shroud of darkness in the sky shriveled away and the vampire was burned alive. They returned to the outpost after casting a magic circle against undead around the ritual circle. The undead armies had vanished, presumably they headed back to the empire.

Session 6
Hantumah on the march

After a rushed work on the berms, the laborers start to gather wood for the towers. They were attacked and some were killed. A vortex wraith and a mix of undead nearly killed the heroes. The chief of the fallmount goblins arrives to warn the outpost of a ritual circle nearby that is being used to create very powerful undead. This circle is not necessarily evil and could later be used for better means.

The Order of the Golden sphinx sends supplies and reinforcements.

Session 5
Who knows

The group escorted an engineer and workers back to the outpost. They paid him to have a berm errected around the camp and guard towers in the four corners. Also, a simple gate is under construction. The berm is about 25% done. The outpost was attacked during the early evening by a wave of zombies and an undead beholder. A pale figure was seen watching the battle from the woods and left shortly before the beholder was defeated. It was obvious that the undead tried to take them captive.

Session 4
After effects

The Outpost militia gets re-equipped. A representative of the Hantumah empire came to the outpost and was promptly vanquished after threatening the Outpost to stay out of their territory to the north. House Herrod is going to sponsor 4 of the troops and Skylock is their representative.

Session 3
All alone (goblin town!)

After the other adventurers head back to Falldaren, Gnoryc gives the recruits a day off. Dimmu Earthcraft is recruited into the Brutal Claw Pack. The pack heads south into the woods to seek the goblin tribes. He meets the goblins and they ask for his help to kill a pesky bugbear named Gib, who bullies them around. Spirits of the hunt filled Gnoryc’s armor with mystical power after killing Gib. He has made a peaceful arrangement with the Fallmount goblins of the forest.

On the way back to the outpost, a group of gnolls from the Yhenoghu’s will pack came to hunt down Gnoryc, two were slain and the other was released. Gnoryc’s action to spare the last gnoll held back some external force that was watching.


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